Not all browsers support all CSS3 properties yet. It’s a sad, yet undeniable fact. Until then, don’t forget these handy vendor prefixes. I’ve listed some of the most common properties used that require the prefixes underneath each one – you can see a few of them in action if you take a look at our CSS here on our mobile web design blog at The Small Screen.

Firefox: -moz-

  • -moz-background-size
  • -moz-border-radius
  • -moz-box-shadow
  • -moz-liner-gradient
  • -moz-selection
  • -moz-transition
  • -moz-transform

Safari & Chrome: -webkit-

  • -webkit-background-size
  • -webkit-border-radius
  • -webkit-box-shadow
  • -webkit-gradient
  • -webkit-selection
  • -webkit-transition
  • -webkit-transform

Opera: -o-

  • -o-background-size
  • -o-selection
  • -o-transition
  • -o-transform

Internet Explorer: -ms-

  • -ms-filter